torsdag 29. juli 2010

To hot to handle pot holder swap.

Today I got a very nice email from Aunt Pitty Pat, where she told me that she got the potholder and the extras I sent her.
I loved making the potholder and the washcloth, it has been a long time since I did any crochét.
Since Marcel is the host of the swap, I wanted to spoil her a little, so I sent along a piece of Tilda fabric and some matching ribbon. I love to participate in swaps, and I can imagine that organizing them are a lot of work. So she deserved a little extra!
The potholder was made from yarn scraps, and even some yarn that was handed down to me after my grandmother passed away. The pink yarn in the wascloth must be over 50 years old I think! It was good to find a use for it:-)

I'm so happy M liked her swap package, I'm always a little nervous when I send away something I made, hoping that it will be loved.

5 kommentarer:

LeKaQuilt sa...

Så flink du har vært! Det er noen nydelige pot holdere du har laget og klart de vil bli satt pris på :o))

Cathy sa...

Oh, my!!! Your swap package for M is sooo pretty!! and your crocheting is beautiful!
I ♥LOVE♥ it that you used yarn with such precious memories of your Grandmother♥. I know M will be thrilled! and it will be loved♥, she is a sweet lady and a great swap mommie! :)
Thanks for sharing, Synnovse!

Maria sa...

Synnove your pot holders are so lovely and colourful. Lucky lady who has recieved them

Timotei sa...

Så fine og fargerike disse var! heldige hun som fikk pakke fra deg!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun sa...

I am so in love with my lovely potholder and wash cloth... I am so lucky to have such a beautiful work of art. It's so thrilling to hear of the lovely ladies that once owned the yarns that helped to make these wonderful swap items.. It's very special to hear wonderful loving things about those we love, and to especially to have something handed down!!
I love everything you sent me.. the items are awesome!!