torsdag 5. mai 2011

Look! What is that? Could it be... UFO's???

I have been digging in my BIG box of UFO's...
These two have been in there for far too long, and it's time to get them finished!
I sewed the blocks together yesterday and today on both...

The first one is for a little girl in my DH closest family, and she loves pink.
I don't know if I should add a border or leave it as it is, I like borders a lot, but it might get a little too big for her bed. What do you think?

Here is a close up of the blocks, a mix of really old fabric from my stash and some that are not so old... I love to mix it up a little with the fabrics, and don't care to much about following specific fabric lines.

Now I need to find backing for this, the girl's mother asked for fleece...

This is the other UFO that I found, a big pile of crumbs:-)
The solid red came from my grandmothers stash, so glad I could use it in my quilt, it makes it extra special.
I had the green fabric for years, but it was never used, because I was thinking of my crumbs and that it would be perfect for them. And it worked out really good!
(The colors are a little light in the pictures, the green is much deeper)

I will add a wide outer border on this, but I don't have fabric that matches the quilt, so I think I need to go shopping:-)
Suggestions for color would be appreciated:-)

Lot's and lot's of work on these blocks, even the tinyest scraps have been used.
I think I'll keep this quilt, just for me:-)

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