søndag 13. februar 2011

A Chrismas present!?!

I made this lap quilt, and found out that this is the perfect gift for my mother for Christmas. Not bad to have a present done in February!

I have been collecting floral fabrics for years, but I rarely use any of them... But when I found this pattern in a Norwegian book, i wanted to make it.

I used the Tri/Recs ruler for this, it was very easy to sew it together. The binding was not so easy, it was hard to get the corners look pretty.

Very simple quilting, straight lines on both sides of every seam. I used variegated thread in shades of beige and brown.

Lots of snow here...

The only thing I don't like, it that the drawer I keep the floral fabric in, is still overflowing... So I'm thinking another quilt would be nice.

Have a great Sunday!

4 kommentarer:

BenteOO sa...

Kan ikkje forstå anna enn at fleire i din nærleik ymtar frampå om at det snart er på tide med julepresangar! Fin ide, eg har samla mange med ymse variantar av roser...

Maria sa...

I am sure your Mum will just LOVE this beautiful floral quilt. You have used some lovely fabrics.
Have fun making another one.Will that be a Christmas gift too?
Love the snow, cools me down, LOL

Jamie sa...

Wow! You have been sewing a lot! This is really pretty. I wouldn't be able to keep it till Christmas. I'd want to give it right away! It looks great!

Klarafina sa...

Kjempefin quilt....så fint det ble med snø som bakgrunn