torsdag 10. februar 2011

A very special quilt.

I started sewing this baby quilt when I found out that I was expecting a baby, but before we knew if it was a boy or a girl. I decided it would be a "green and yellow" baby, because I love the color combination.
I did not sew much during my pregnacy, because I did not feel like it, but I finsihed the quilt a couple of weeks ago. It was hard, but good to finish it.
I guess it will never be used, but the quilt is very special to me.

I used lots of old fabrics from my stash for this, many of them are 10-15 years old. I love the fabric and the colors.

I made a mug rug yesterday, have been looking around in flickr and found lots of inspiration there. This is made from tiny scraps, and are raw edge applique. I think it will look better after it has been washed a couple of times.

3 kommentarer:

Jamie sa...

Very beautiful! What a special quilt. I'm glad that you finished it! I bought fabric for a quilt for my third baby, but I never even cut into it before he passed away. I still look at it and think that I should make it.

I like your mugrug too! Very cute!

Rocknquilts sa...

God bless you! I wanted to let you know that the kind people from Norway and their wonderful food are very beloved here in the northern USA. Please visit to see the large Scandinavian festival that is held every October. Gud dag!

Maria sa...

Oh how lovely to have finished your special quilt. It will be a lasting memory for you little one. XXXX

Your Mug Rug is very cute.