tirsdag 13. mars 2012

Making progress.

I started sewing a "scrappy trips around the world" quilt, pattern can be found here.
This pattern is so easy, and I love the fact that the quilt uses a lot of my scraps.
But it doesen't show in my scrapbag!?!?
Maybe I should make it bigger than I planned, I have sewn 16 blocks, planning to have 24 when finished. It will be a perfect size for a lap quilt.

My little helper agreed to model for this photo and help me arrange the blocks...

4 kommentarer:

ahli sa...

Dette kommer til å bli kjempefint. Ser du har god hjelp også.


Timi sa...

This quilt looks fantastic!!!
I love your dog as he tries to help you :o)))!

Maria sa...

Your quilt is looking realy good. Nice to have some help when you lay it out on the floor. LOL

trinola sa...

Hei ! Dette var litt av en jobb :O)
Så snedig for og bli kvitt restestoffer :O)