torsdag 8. mars 2012

What to do in a snowstorm.

We have had lots of snow for the last day or two, so I have been inside sewing and crocheting.

I had some leftovers from my heart garlands, the fabric had fusible interfacing on it, but I figured out I had to use it for something. So I made my very first bunting!

I just added white cotton on the back and sewed with a zig zag around the edges.
I think it's cute with the pom pom's!

I also had time for some more crochet, this time I made potholders.
I love the color combo, aqua and orange.

I was hoping spring would show up here soon, but with all this snow I guess it will take a little longer.
Oh well, I DO live in Norway...

Have a nice thursday!

3 kommentarer:

Timi sa...

Your bunting looks great!!! Specially with the pompoms!
I like the potholders, too! It's a great idea!
I am sure spring will come, but I like snow, too...:o) I can't imagine Norway without snow this time of the year :o)

Synnøve Olava sa...

Hei, kjære navnesøster... :O)
Du er så flink til å skrive på engelsk, jeg har også vurdert å skrive både norsk og engelsk på bloggen min, har fått så mange ameriskanske lesere..., som ikke kan norsk!

Nydelig vimpelrekke, friske og glade farger! Likte godt potholderen din også!

Klem fra Synnøve Olava

Strickbombe sa...

i love the colors you chose for the potholder. which pattern did you use?