tirsdag 21. august 2012

sometimes it's just about pretty fabrics!

I fixed the photo uploading problem! It turned out I had to change my browser. I don't know why I didn't think of that, but I'm not exactly a computer expert... Thank you Timi, for your suggestion!
I had to make a quilt for my SIL's 60 year birthday, and she loves romantic stuff...
I have had all these floral fabrics for a long time, but I never use them. So this was the perfect opportunity to use some stash fabrics!
I made it very simple, with 16-patches in floral fabrics and Moda Bella Snow.

I love these romantic flowers, but I kind of forget to sew with them. Because I also love the modern fabrics, I usually end up sewing with those.

This was a lot of fun to sew, and it went incredibly fast.

I know that it's a no-no in the quilting world, but I backed this in fleece. It saves me some work, as I don't have to put a layer of batting between the top and the back. I love the softness of the fleece as well, and it's easy to sew with.

The quilting is just a simple grid through all the Bella Snow squares.
No borders on this one, and a pretty, pink reproduction floral fabric for the binding.

Rolled up!

I am leaving for a few days in Denmark tomorrow, visiting relatives together with my mom and brother. I'm coming back Sunday, and I start working Monday. My vacation went too fast! Four weeks just flew by like a hurricane. I didn't sew as much as I had in mind, but I can sew whenever I have some spare minutes:-)

Thank you for reading!

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Timi sa...

I like this quilt!!! It's so lovely!
Have a great time in Denmark! :o)

(I am glad you could used Firefox...I had the very same problem with the Opera, that's why I suggested this... :o) )

Marit sa...

Oooo, det var et vakkert teppe:)