tirsdag 29. september 2009

Another swap!

I decided to join another swap! It is sooo exciting...

mandag 28. september 2009

Pot holders!

I have been making some pot holders for a swap we are having in a quilting forum I am a member of here in Norway. I made one pair that I didn't like, so I gave it another try and came up with these! They are quite simple. I used scraps in cream and sand and sewed together strips. I then cut squares a little "off" 4x4 inch, and sewed 4 together. Quilted with a simple stippling and binding in black and white. The wooden buttons added a nice final touch.

So I hope the woman I am swapping with likes them! She asked for colors in sand/beige and black/white.

onsdag 23. september 2009

Crazy about bags!

Ok, I promised earlier today that I had something to show you!
After I participated in the "friendship bag" swap, I just coulden't stop making them... They are excellent for practicing free-motion quilting, and I need to practice!
So here are two more of these cute little bags:

For some detail, I made a cute little flower in crochet, and added a vintage glass-button (I love my buttons:-). I also sewed in a button for closing the bag.I think these came out really cute! Great for party's when you only need your cell-phone and some lipstick:-)

And from the last scraps from these bags, I made a mini-quilt, again to practice the free-motion quilting... (Sorry about the bad photo, it was dark outside so I had to take it indoors)

I gave this mini-quilt along with some other goodies to a good friend of mine who had her birthday last sunday. Want to see what she got?

So this is what I have been up too the last couple of weeks. I'm really sorry it took me so long to blog about it! Hopefully I'll do better from now...

Have a nice day!

Just saying hello!

Hello people!
Wow, it's been a loooong time since my last post!
I'm having some issues with my computer, and besides that, haven't been able to sew much lately. But I have a little something to show you later today! I am making some small projects, and planning a lot more of them!
Can't make a post without a picture, so I thought I would show you one of the first tabletoppers I ever made!
This one was given to my father for christmas many years ago. I love the yellow and white/cream combination in it.

lørdag 12. september 2009

Another tabletopper!

I finished this tabletopper yesterday, after deciding to keep the tabletopper from my last post. This is actually a UFO that has been in the drawer for about a year, finished the top but didn't quilt it. The fabrics is from a pack of fat eights I bought a long time ago, so I don't remember the name of it. But I really like the colors and the coffee-theme.
I hope this will be a nice birthdy-present!

fredag 11. september 2009

Something new for the table!

It's been a long time since my last post, I guess my time has been limited, too much is happening! But I am sewing a little bit every day...
Yesterday I finished this tablecloth, wich was supposed to be a birtday present for a member of my family. But when I was done, I just coulden't think of giving it away! So I guess I got myself a new tablecloth:-) Inspiration for this one came from Moda bakeshop.
I used one charmpack of "swanky" fabrics, plus another moda-fabric for the border. And solid white of course.
I'm still making another tablecloth for my relative, but in a totally different style! I'll show you that one soon:-)

Also I have decided to write the blogposts in one language only, as most of us understand english... It takes so much time to write in both norwegian and english! I'm sorry if I disappoint any of my readers...
Until next time, hope you all get to have a great weekend!

torsdag 3. september 2009

Sneak peek!

Just a little sneak-peek of my first finished project for the stitchers angel swap! I never was any good at free-motion quilting, but I think this came out better than earlier projects. So happy that I could do it! Of course, the stitches are uneven, but I guess I just need a lot more practice. And besides that, my sewing machine is not the best... I want a new one! Hmmm better start saving...

Her er en liten snik-kikk på det første prosjektet mitt i stitchers angel swap'en! Jeg har aldri vært særlig flink til å frihånds-quilte, men jeg synes dette ble bedre enn tidligere forsøk. Jeg er så glad jeg fikk det til! Stingene er ikke jevne, men jeg trenger vel øvelse. Dessuten er ikke symaskina den beste, jeg trenger en ny! Det er vel bare å begynne å spare...

tirsdag 1. september 2009

Friendship bag swap!

My little bag for the swap is finished! I took a look at the blog of my swap-partner, and got some ideas:-) So I hope she likes it! I am really happy with the result, I even thought of making another bag for my self. We'll see:-)
I purchased some goodies for it as well, can't send an empty bag! It will go in the mail tomorrow or thursday.

Nå er vesken til "the friendship bag swap" ferdig! Jeg surfet litt på bloggen til hun jeg skal sende til, og fikk noen ideer der. Så nå håper jeg hun liker resultatet! Selv er jeg ganske fornøyd, så det kan godt hende jeg syr en til som jeg beholder selv. Jeg har kjøpt noe å ha oppi vesken også, kan jo ikke sende den fra meg tom! Så nå gjenstår det å sende vesken, det gjør jeg i morgen eller torsdag:-)