torsdag 29. juli 2010

To hot to handle pot holder swap.

Today I got a very nice email from Aunt Pitty Pat, where she told me that she got the potholder and the extras I sent her.
I loved making the potholder and the washcloth, it has been a long time since I did any crochét.
Since Marcel is the host of the swap, I wanted to spoil her a little, so I sent along a piece of Tilda fabric and some matching ribbon. I love to participate in swaps, and I can imagine that organizing them are a lot of work. So she deserved a little extra!
The potholder was made from yarn scraps, and even some yarn that was handed down to me after my grandmother passed away. The pink yarn in the wascloth must be over 50 years old I think! It was good to find a use for it:-)

I'm so happy M liked her swap package, I'm always a little nervous when I send away something I made, hoping that it will be loved.

tirsdag 27. juli 2010

A wedding present and the summer tote swap!

I just realized that I did not write a post about this gorgeous wedding present that we were given by the wonderful Jenny and her daughter Blossom in Australia. The small wallhanging is so beautiful, so I hung it in a special place in our living room. It is embellished with tiny beads, and the stitches are so even and perfect! I love this present, and my husband said that he likes it too:-) And he's not very into this kind of things;-)

This is the tote I came up with for the summer tote swap, I am really happy with it, so it's kind of hard to give it away;-) I hope the reciever will like it too! It was a long process to finish it, but I made it before the deadline. The tote will go in the mail tomorrow, on it's way to a new home.

I tucked in a couple of extras, two pieces of Tilda fabrics and matching ribbon...

Now I only have three more days at work until I get my summer vacation, It will be sooooo good to have three weeks off from work. We are going on a little trip to Denmark, but other than that, I think we will stay at home and relax. I think I'm going to sew a lot, I have plenty of projects in my mind that I want to do.

onsdag 21. juli 2010


No internet connection at home at the moment... I'll get back to blogging as soon as the problem has been taken care of.
I'm still looking around in blogland when I have a brake at work though:-)
See you soon!

tirsdag 6. juli 2010

Summer Tote Swap recieved.

Today I got wonderful mail from Australia!
A beautifully wrapped package...
With a nice homemade tag on it.

It was my tote from the "Summer Tote Swap"! I love this, it's soo my colors and style. The size is perfect too, not to big and not to small. I love the flower on it as well.

It has lots of pockets, one on each side and three on the inside.

And look! Extras...

A card to cross-stitch, and pins. And do you see the little box? It is filled with buttons! Oh how I love buttons:-)

Thank you soooo much Maria!

I love the bag you made for me, and the extras are sooo great. You obviously read my blog, to find out so much about what I like!

You should all go check out her blog, Life on the block.

Maria makes the most gorgeous things, she is so creative:-)

Thanks again!