fredag 23. oktober 2009

An angel sent me the most beautiful gifts!

As I told you yesterday, I recieved a lovely package with the most wonderful things for the stitchers angel swap. Kymberly have really spoiled me! She has made the most beautiful things, just take a look! When I opened the package, this lovely bag is the first thing I saw...

And then it just went on... This beautiful bookkeeper is a pattern from moda bakeshop and I really adore it! I love the stitchery on it, what a great idea! Kymberly also included a notebook.

Then there was this needlebook, it is just lovely. I like the patterns from Natalie Lymer so much, so this is so nice. I did not have a needlebook either, so it was a perfect gift:-)
Included in this was some DMC thread and a pack of embroidery needles:-)

At last there was this... Dont know exactly what to call it in english, but this is a bag that holds a mini cutting mat and ruler. Wich was included in the package:-) I really feel spoiled! Kymberly made so many beautiful things for me, and I love the fabric line she used. And her stitches are so great. Thank you!

Here is all of the things she sent, she even included some extra goodies, two beautiful patterns, a nice cosmetics bag with cream and cleansing for the skin, and some Halloween candy!

I will take good care of these things that Kymberly sent me, they are all beautiful:-)

torsdag 22. oktober 2009

I'm a lucky girl!

I Am Such a lucky girl, I have had the most wonderful surprises in my mail this week. I'll write about the first one now, and the other one tomorrow:-)
I am participating in the friendship bag swap at quilting gallery, and some weeks ago I sent this bag to Claudine in France.
Alltough I have not recieved the bag from my swap partner yet, I know it's on it's way:-)
But while browsing the flickr group for the swap, I got in touch with a wonderful woman that asked me if I would like to swap a bag and a quilting magazine with her! Of course I said yes:)
So I made her this bag and filled it with some fat quarters and another surprise, and sent it on it's way to the US:-)
She sent me a nice email when she got it, so now I know I can post a picture.
A couple of days later I got this nice surprice in my mail! A really cute bag with a paper-pieced heart and six wonderful fat quarters of 30's reproduction fabrics, wich I love! She also included a piece of Americana fabric, that are so nice. And ofcourse the McCalls quilting magazine, with a lot of nice projects that I will try sewing. And se had put in a pattern for a cute doll, I will try making that one as well.

I am really happy with this generous swap, Deborah! I love the bag and the goodies you sent me:-)
Tomorrow I will write about the stitchers angel swap, I recieved a wonderful package today, and I have a lot of pictures to share:-)

torsdag 15. oktober 2009

I'm sewing...

...But I have nothing to show you yet! The items I have made lately are all for swaps, so I really can't show you any of them... Don't want to spoil the surprise!
Well, got one other thing to tell you, remeber when I told about my fiancee and the dog going hunting? It went really well with them! The dog did really good, and tracked down two moose:-) Not bad for a 7 month old puppy! I think he will be a great hunting-dog:-)

onsdag 7. oktober 2009


Ok, I know that it's autumn now, but this cute stitchery reminds me of spring...
I had to make a quick little gift for a friend of mine that I went to visit yesterday. And I had this stitchery ready to make into a cute wallhanging! It was done in about 45 minutes.
The pattern is a freebie from needlecrafter, gotta love that website! I adore all those vintage patterns, and are so glad someone is taking the time to share them.

Here is a detail of the stichery:

I also made another gift for her, as the reason for my visit was that she had a baby! A cute little boy named Eirik:-) So I made a small baby-quilt with fleece on the back. Don't know what I think of it, was'nt quite happy with the result. It's unsymmetrical, and i don't really like things that are like that... But she loved it anyway, so I guess it was fine!

mandag 5. oktober 2009

Pot holder swap!

I am a member of a Norwegian forum called "Quilt i norge" and Toja arranged a swap for pot holders in September. We had one month to sew and send them, and each participant whished for colours or theme. And I whished for something "Christmas'y"
Look what I got! They are sooo beautiful, and it was Toja who made them for me:-)

I'm sure you understand how happy I was when these was in the mail!

Thank you soooo much Toja:-)

søndag 4. oktober 2009

So quiet in my house!

...Because I sent these two out hunting today...
(Sorry for the bad photo, it's the only one I had on this computer)
Oh well, I guess I can sew a lot when they are in the woods looking for the big brown/gray animals!
It's the first time the dog is participating in hunting, so it's really exciting...
Can't wait to hear how he reacts the first time he is close to that big moose...
A little worried as well...