mandag 24. januar 2011

Started sewing a little.

I have found out that sewing works as therapy for me, so for the last week I have been sewing a lot. I have started on a lot of UFO's but they are not finished yet, so I can't show you...

But I can show you this!
My Kaffe Fasset quilt. I finished this in the beginning of december, as a very late birthday present for my aunt. I think she liked it:-)
I'm sorry about the lousy pictures, it was a snowstorm the day I took them.

I made a mug rug some days ago, and used fabric I tie dyed about 18 (!) years ago. It was about time i found a use for it! I think the fabric looks like a wonky snowflake, so I used snowflake fabric for the binding.

onsdag 12. januar 2011

A hard post to write.

I'm sure you all have noticed that for the last half year, I have not been posting anything.
The reason for that is mostly that I did not sew anything!
The other reason is that I was expecting a baby...
What was going to be a wonderful year has turned out to be our worst nightmare... On the 22. of December 2010, our precious little boy was born silently into this world. Two days before that, we found out that his heart had stopped in week 31 of my pregnadcy, for no obvious reason.
Please light a candle for our Henning.