tirsdag 27. april 2010

What's this?

Just a little sneak peek on what is going on in my sewing room at the moment... Got to be done before the 12'th of june:-)
(Sewing clothes is not my strongest side, so wish me luck)
I'm just about to take a trip, going to be away for two weeks...
I am quite a big sized girl, and I am trying to loose some of it. And I am so lucky to be accepted as a client in a program held in "Tonsaasen" (follow the link to see some pictures).
I will be there for two weeks, learning about food, nutrition and training. Surrounded by beautiful nature and mountains!
This is a program going over five years, and this is my second year going there. I learned so much there last year, so I'm looking forward to the stay, starting tomorrow.
Lucky for me, my sewing machine is going with me, so I will not be out of things to do when I'm not training or having classes:-)
I will share some pictures from my stay in Tonsaasen, so stay tuned:-)

onsdag 21. april 2010

More UFO's.

I'm still digging in my UFO box, and yesterday I finished these two.
I had the squares made out of strips, so I sewed them together and put on a border. I thought it was a little boring, so I added the hearts with raw edge appliqué.

Here is a closeup of the quilting. I am practicing feather borders at the moment. It's so much fun, I am finally getting better at the freemotion quilting. My stitches are still a little uneven, but with a lot of practice I think it will be better.

These stitcheries is from a great BOM over at Gail Pan Designs, and they are free! I made these three, but then I decided to use another fabric for the background, and different threads. So the three stitcheries in this wallhanging ended up in the box. But now I finally finished them! I think it got cute with the bright green and red.

I still have a lot of UFO's to finish, but I need to start some new projects too:-) Next up is my pillow for my secret swap-partner! That will be a fun project:-)

mandag 19. april 2010

Winter mini quilt swap!

I made this for Betsy Lynn in North Carolina, USA!

I had news that she got it, so now I can show it to you!

Sorry about the bad photo...

fredag 16. april 2010

A little early for this, but...

..I took a dive in my UFO box, and this is one of the tings I finished yesterday! I had this stitchery done before Christmas, but it ended up in the box somehow.
I used ricrac together with the border, and I think it gave the wallhanging a nice effect. Solid red for the binding.

I freemotion quilted it, still practicing on that! But I am getting better...

At last, a photo from my garden, spring is finally here! I love it when the first flowers are blooming:-)

Have a nice weekend!

lørdag 10. april 2010

I'm in heaven!

...Fabric heaven, that is...
I went a little "bananas" when these fabrics was on sale in my favorite online quilt-shop... At first, I ordered one bundle of fat-quarters, but I soon found out that I needed more! And ended up with four different fat-quarter bundles and some yardage.
Oh, all the things I can make with them! But I have to admire them a little more before I cut into them:-) And prewash, of course...
Pretty, huh? I guess I'm a fabriholic...
(Fabric line is Minny Muu from Lecien)

fredag 9. april 2010

Project Pillow Swap.

I joined a swap today, this will be exciting!
It's still time for you to join, if you go to Modified Mix to sign up.

torsdag 8. april 2010

A little surprise...

...For someone...
Hope she likes it!

onsdag 7. april 2010

Winter Mini Quilt Swap.

It seems things are taking a long time to get on my blog lately, but here it is...
I got this lovely quilt about two weeks ago, and I adore it! Love the snowflakes and the fabrics in it and the colors. And it is just the right size for a small tabletopper!
Thank you to you, Jennifer!

Now I'm waiting to hear from the reciever of the quilt I made for the swap. I'm a bit nervous something went wrong... The quilt was sent about a month ago, and I have not heard anything yet. Crossing my fingers that it's just caught up in customs or something.

lørdag 3. april 2010

Do you need some inspiration?

...To use fabric from your stash? Rae Ann at Cutie Pinwheel has started a new blog to give us all some help and inspiration! Check out Stash Manicure and become a follower! I'm sure there will be a lot of great ideas and inspiration to be found there.
I sure need to use some of my stash, so I can feel better about buying new fabric:-)