søndag 27. februar 2011

Yesterday's sewing

...Didn't get as productive as I had hoped it to be... It's so good to sit in the sofa, talking with my hubby and watching TV while I crochét :-D

I did get a little done anyway...
I made these two baby bib's, wich I think came out really cute. I found the pattern somewhere on the internet, but forgot where it was.

Cute little hearts...

I finished up this headband too, made the flower and sewed on the button. I'm not sure about the color on the button, but I didn't have the right pink so it will do.

Another finish, I hope the girl that will have the hat and the headband will like them:-)

Have a great sunday!
I'm home alone today, so I hope I can sew a little bit...

lørdag 26. februar 2011

Sneak peek and some more hats...

I have made a little something, can't show you yet but here's a sneak peek!

Looooove red and white with a little pink thrown in...

Other than that I have been crochéting hats and headbands, it's so fun and fast!

I love the variegated yarn.

I hope you are all having a great weekend! My plan is to sew and sew some more:-)

onsdag 16. februar 2011

Crazy for crochet.

I started crocheting some hats the other day, and they are so quick to finish that it's hard to stop making them! Thick yarn and needle #8 makes this a project that finishes in about 2 hours.

Very easy pattern...

I also made a headband from the same yarn, and made a flower with buttons for it. It got really cute! And you know me, I love buttons:-)

Oh, I forgot, pattern for hat and headband found on Drops design.
(I'm linking to the Nordic site)

søndag 13. februar 2011

A Chrismas present!?!

I made this lap quilt, and found out that this is the perfect gift for my mother for Christmas. Not bad to have a present done in February!

I have been collecting floral fabrics for years, but I rarely use any of them... But when I found this pattern in a Norwegian book, i wanted to make it.

I used the Tri/Recs ruler for this, it was very easy to sew it together. The binding was not so easy, it was hard to get the corners look pretty.

Very simple quilting, straight lines on both sides of every seam. I used variegated thread in shades of beige and brown.

Lots of snow here...

The only thing I don't like, it that the drawer I keep the floral fabric in, is still overflowing... So I'm thinking another quilt would be nice.

Have a great Sunday!

lørdag 12. februar 2011

Other fun stuff to do besides sewing!

I have been playing with yarn today...

I made this little pouch, and I really think it turned out well!
I used to do a lot of crochet a few years ago, but I got bored with it.

This was fun to make, and it went really quick.

I also played with my beloved vintage buttons... Too much? Personally, i like it.

torsdag 10. februar 2011

A very special quilt.

I started sewing this baby quilt when I found out that I was expecting a baby, but before we knew if it was a boy or a girl. I decided it would be a "green and yellow" baby, because I love the color combination.
I did not sew much during my pregnacy, because I did not feel like it, but I finsihed the quilt a couple of weeks ago. It was hard, but good to finish it.
I guess it will never be used, but the quilt is very special to me.

I used lots of old fabrics from my stash for this, many of them are 10-15 years old. I love the fabric and the colors.

I made a mug rug yesterday, have been looking around in flickr and found lots of inspiration there. This is made from tiny scraps, and are raw edge applique. I think it will look better after it has been washed a couple of times.

tirsdag 8. februar 2011

Made some pillows...

Pillows for my mom, wonky stars made from scraps. They were really fun and easy!
Stipple quilting in the white fabric.

søndag 6. februar 2011

For those of you that have not seen this, it's hilarious! Norwegian comedian Truls Svendsen doing a Beyoncé parody...

Winter meets spring.

First of all, let me say thank you to all of you after I posted about Henning... It warms my heart to think of all your prayers and thoughts.

I have been sewing a lot for the last few weeks, it helps me get my mind on to something else, and I really need that.

This is a French press warmer, with matching mini quilt for a bread basket. I gave this to my aunt for her birthday.

Next, here is my spring table runner! I went out in the snow to take some pictures, lighting is great outside today.
The runner was made from scraps after a lap quilt that I have been sewing (not finished yet), and I embellished it with a fabric/button flower.
I practiced freemotion quilting on this, it's been a while since the last time I did that.
It got kind of cute and very romantic!

Here is a detail of the flower.

And at last, I WON!!!
Jamie at Modified Mix had a giveaway a while ago, and I won this cham pack of Make Life from Moda. I love it! The fabrics are so beautiful and fun. She also included some hand cream, wich I tried and it is great. I use a lot of hand cream in the winter, so that was really a great addition to the charm pack. Thank you so much Jamie! Big hugs to you:-)

So, now it's back to the sewing room for some more finishing of different projects. I have a BIG box of UFO's that needs to be done. I started crocheting an afghan as well, but I need more yarn.
Happy Sunday to everyone!