lørdag 24. mars 2012

Just testing...

I found this in all my mess when I was cleaning my sewing room.

So I had to give it a try, just to see if I could remember how to do tatting.
And I did!
It's been at least 12-14 years since I did this, and I forgot how fun it is.

Maybe I'll make some Christmas ornaments, some snowflakes for the tree or some hearts.

One more thing to do in my free time LOL:-D

søndag 18. mars 2012

Scraps can be useful!

I'm finished with my "scrappy trips around the world" quilt!
This quilt makes me so happy.
I used scraps only, so glad to finally be using some of them.

I quilted it with a simple stipple.
It's the first time I free motion quilted a big quilt, so I'm kind of happy with the result.
It's not perfect in any way, but I still love it.

Tutorial for this quilt can be found at Quiltville.

tirsdag 13. mars 2012

Making progress.

I started sewing a "scrappy trips around the world" quilt, pattern can be found here.
This pattern is so easy, and I love the fact that the quilt uses a lot of my scraps.
But it doesen't show in my scrapbag!?!?
Maybe I should make it bigger than I planned, I have sewn 16 blocks, planning to have 24 when finished. It will be a perfect size for a lap quilt.

My little helper agreed to model for this photo and help me arrange the blocks...

torsdag 8. mars 2012

What to do in a snowstorm.

We have had lots of snow for the last day or two, so I have been inside sewing and crocheting.

I had some leftovers from my heart garlands, the fabric had fusible interfacing on it, but I figured out I had to use it for something. So I made my very first bunting!

I just added white cotton on the back and sewed with a zig zag around the edges.
I think it's cute with the pom pom's!

I also had time for some more crochet, this time I made potholders.
I love the color combo, aqua and orange.

I was hoping spring would show up here soon, but with all this snow I guess it will take a little longer.
Oh well, I DO live in Norway...

Have a nice thursday!

tirsdag 6. mars 2012


Today I have two heart garlands to show you.
I sewed them from scraps, and used wooden beads between them.
I think they got very cute!

Wishing you all a great week!

mandag 5. mars 2012

Longing for spring...

As the title say, I long for spring and summer.
So what I'm sewing reflects that!

I made another small tabletopper/mini quilt, a little more pastels in this one.
It's made from scraps and some stash fabric.

These small quilts are perfect for practicing free motion quilting, so I need to make more! I need a lot of practice, even if I'm getting better at it.

I also made a small garland, from wool and bakers twine.
I have to give credit to Kerri for the idea:-)

Have a nice sunday!

søndag 4. mars 2012

I'm on a roll!

I started sewing again, and I was going to finish some UFO's that has been waiting far too long... But inspiration struck me yesterday, so the UFO's had to wait a little longer!

 I was playing with my scrap fabrics, and I found some teeny tiny 1,5 inch squares. So I cut some more and combined them with white, and made this little tabletopper!

Lots of colors combined with white, that's my favorite:-)

I quilted it with a stipple, and now I'm going to wash it so it gets crinkly and soft.

I started another small tabletopper too, they are great for practicing free motion quilting.

Have a great sunday!

lørdag 3. mars 2012

I promise that...

...This is the last crochet pillow for a while from me. At least I think it is!

The back, made with yarn scraps and leftovers from other projects.
I added some buttons from a swap, and some vintage ones.

I started to sew a little again.
I felt inspired after I cleaned up all the mess in my sewing room.
I think I might sew some pillows too!

torsdag 1. mars 2012

A cushion a day...

I made yet another cushion/pillow, this is a pattern from Sarah London, called "Mabel".
As I'm sure you can tell by now, I love color, and this is yet another example of that.

I enjoy making these pillows so much, they are fast and colorful and addictive. I actually made one more, but I'm saving that for another post. I have to take some decent pictures in daylight first!

I love the buttons, bright orange roses.
I just got them on a sale, without a plan for what to use them for. But they were perfect for this!