tirsdag 23. august 2011

2011 F-R-I-E-N-D-S swap

I signed up for this swap, and I'm very excited to find out who my partner is! 
Swapping is so much fun:-)

onsdag 17. august 2011

Doll Quilt Swap 11.

This was the most exciting swap for me ever, and I was VERY nervous when I signed up! There are sooo many talented ladies in this swap, could I make something that would be good enough for it?
All I can say is that I tried my very best, and that I hope my partner likes it!

This tiny little quilt was a real pain in my b*** to sew, I have never used the seam ripper more. But I love the way it turned out.

It measures 13.5" square, so you can imagine how tiny the half square triangles are.
There are 9 "Lady Of The Lake" blocks, all made from scraps.

I know the points in the HST's are not perfect, but it's so small that this was the best I could do. After all, this is my very first mini quilt. Ever!
I had a hard time deciding how to quilt it, but I landed on some random lines and in the ditch around the borders. I hope my partner likes it:-)

The back of the quilt.
I thought this fabric was perfect for the backing, and the binding just HAD to be red.

I sent it today, to someone far away from here;-)

mandag 15. august 2011

Swapping -Again!

I got my Pretty little pouch from the swap at Flickr!
I'm so happy about it, my partner have been reading my likes very well. She made me the most gorgeous pouch, and lots of extras, too!
Here is one side of the pouch, lovely patchwork with fabrics and colors I adore!
Combined with linen, which is great. 
She even embroidered a little heart in one of the linen squares, perfect... 

 The other side, these circles are perfect:-)
A nice touch with the hand embroidered details.

And the extras, take a look!
A beautiful pincushion, a coin pouch, zipper, buttons, fabric scraps, rick rack, ribbon and snap buttons. I love it all so much! 

 This is a photo of the lovely pincushion, Its gorgeous. Way too pretty for putting pins in. I will have it on display in my sewing room.

 Thank you so much, Emily!


Just a note to say that I have been changing the settings in my blogs!
Some of my readers have been sending emails saying that they could not leave comments.
I hope it's ok now!

fredag 12. august 2011

I have a new blog.

I just started another blog, a very personal and serious one.
It will be mostly about life and the loss of our son, Henning.
If you want to take a look, you can go here.

Thank you!

torsdag 11. august 2011

Some more swapping!

I was so lucky to have a partner that sent my "Make Mine Modern" swap very early!

Well, I'm not that fast, I'm afraid, but I am now finished with the swap, and it's going in the mail today!

I made a project pouch, wich my partner wished for. I hope she likes this, I know it's made in colors she loves.

This is the back of the pouch,with a pocket and a cute frog button.

Here is the front, I made a wonky log cabin block and added some hand stitching details.

The pouch has two interior pockets as well.

I also made this mini quilt, and I hope she likes it.

It was great fun to sew the tumblers and to add the little quote...

And as you may have noticed, I really love buttons! So the flower had to be there:-)

Here are the whole package, minus the mini quilt.

I hope my swap partner will enjoy it.

(There are a couple of surprises that didn't make it into the photo)

onsdag 10. august 2011

I have a lot to share!

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Elizabeth from Texas for my "Make Mine Modern" swap! I participated in this swap on Flickr, and she was my secret partner.

I am so lucky, she made me a lot of beautiful things and gave me lovely fabrics, and some extras, too.

She made a sewing machine mat, two adorable pincushions, a fabric basket with lovely details, and a crochet project pouch, complete with adorable scissors and crochet hooks. Everything in my favorite fabrics and colours.

The fabrics she got me are fabulous, four fat quarters and a charm pack.

Look at this, it's all so beautiful:-)

It has been a bit too long between my blogposts lately, It's summer and a lot to do:-)

We were on a holiday last week, in Trysil. We rented a cabin through my job's union, and had a great time!

The first photo is NOT the cabin we rented, but you see, I just had to take a photo of it. These cabins are not the usual standard, but there are a lot of high standard cabins in the area. I think it's a shame to even call them "cabins", because they are so big and luxurious.

Bamse sneaked in to the photo, he loved it there.

This is "our" cabin, we had a lovely time there, and I'm sure we'll rent it again next year.

I have some more to share too, but I'll leave that for another post.

Big hugs to you!