søndag 17. april 2011

Basement treasures.

I went treasure hunting the other day, in my mothers basement.
I found some old sheets and other bedding from the 70's that she didn't use anymore.

Perfect for my sewing addiction!

When I was home again, I made this.
A cute little bag made from a pillowcase.
It is well washed and you can see that the fabric has been used a lot, but I like it anyway.

This is a Keyka Lou pattern, I shortened it a little and left out the handles.

Vintage mother of pearl button for closure.

Good night everyone!

søndag 10. april 2011

Using my stash...

I'm trying to use some of my stashed fabrics, but that is easier said than done...
It is so much of it!

Anyway, I made this bag from stash fabric, I think it's a very cool color combination.
When my DH saw it he said: "Oh, hunting colors!"
I didn't even think about that until he said it, but I think it was in my mind somewhere when I picked the fabrics. Green and orange is the colors of his hunting jacket:-)

This is another Keyka Lou pattern, I'm so happy I found her shop...
The patterns are so easy and accurate that it's a dream to sew from them.

Even zippers are easy:-)

fredag 8. april 2011

Some opinions needed.

I made a little monster!
And now I need your opinion on this...
Do you think it would be something you would concider buying? I'm asking because I am thinking of making monsters for my shop:-)

I'm going to add a keychain to it.

Here he/she is, up in a tree looking over the garden.
What do you think, is it a boy or a girl?

Have a nice weekend, everyone!