tirsdag 22. november 2011

Little houses!

I made some houses, for Christmas.
Made with scraps only (the linen is not exactly scraps, but stash fabric for more than 10 years). These were a lot of fun! I think I will make more:-)

Great for Christmas presents:-)

søndag 20. november 2011

The last of my swaps.

As I told you yesterday, I have a couple of more things to show you. 
First, the "Pretty Little Pouch Swap", which I sent to Megan in Los Angeles.
She got the package, and I think she liked it.
I made this pouch from the Curvy Clutch pattern from Keyka lou.
I really loved sewing this clutch, I had fun choosing fabrics, quilting the linen and playing with different types of wrist bands. I ended up using a chain.

The last swap I was in, was the "Goodie Bag Swap", where we sew bags for a secret partner and send it filled with some scraps and if we want to, some other extras as well.
I had a lot of difficulties with this swap, I made three bags before I was happy with the result.
Again, I used a Keyka Lou pattern, this time it was the "Lots of Pockets Tote" pattern.
I love the result, but my partner didn't receive her package yet, so I can't tell you where I sent it. But here it is:

I have decided that this was my last swap in 2011, I need to focus on Christmas presents and other things. I'll get back to swapping next year!

lørdag 19. november 2011

Been busy!

I'm so sorry I have been away from my blog for far too long... I have been busy with life and some sewing!
There has been some swaps that I will show you, and some Christmas presents that are in the making.

First of all, my mug rug from the "Mug Rug Swap adventure 3"!
This one came from Sweden, from Karin.
She made me a beautiful Christmas mug rug, and sent some very nice extras along with it.
Thank you so much!

Then there is the "Scrappy Swap", and I got the most thoughtful gift ever from Marian!
She made a frame from fabric scraps in my favorite color and framed a lovely poem she found on my other blog. I can't tell you how much this poem means to me, and how well it describes the feelings and emotions about loosing a baby... 

She also sent wonderful scraps and a delicious chocolate... Chocolate didn't make it into the picture, I'm afraid.

I have been sending some swaps too, the "Scrappy Swap" to Leila.
She is expecting her first baby, so I made a little hat to send along with the scrappy pouch and fabric scraps.

I have a couple of other things to show you too, but I think I'll save it for another post.
Have a good weekend!

Hugs <3