fredag 19. februar 2010

Spring meets winter!

I had a charm pack in my drawer, and did not know exactly what to make out of it. But I have not made tumblers before, so this it what I came up with!
Fabric line is "Spring magic" from Moda.
I love the way this turned out! These fabrics do not need a lot of cutting, they
look so good anyway.
Picture is taken out in the snow, not much spring going on around here yet!

I have made some muffins today too, these are soooo good, even if they look a bit strange. Recipe is found here. I add blueberries and use banana yoghurt instead of plain, and on these I also added topping made of cinnamon, butter, flour and sugar.

Hope everybody is having a great weekend!

fredag 5. februar 2010

I won!

I'm a lucky girl!
Recently, I participated in a challenge at "Quilt i Norge"...
We were supposed to finish some of our UFO's during January. I only got one done, but lucky me, I won the first prize!
Toja sent me these wonderful pieces of fabric, and I just love them:-)
Thank you so much! Usually, I never win anything, so this was such a nice surprise.

Besides that, I have been busy sewing pinwheel blocks for a quilt for my aunt. She filled 60 at the end of January, and this is her very late birthday present. I still need to add some borders, but I have to buy fabric for them first!
Bamse was very helpful today, when I took the pictures:-)

mandag 1. februar 2010

A swap recieved and some bags!

I have been a bad blogger lately, and I have no excuse! But I have been cutting down on my computer time, there is so much else to do!
Anyway, here is a little update on what's been happening:
About two weeks ago I got this wonderful swap-package from Simona in Croatia.
Look at all the wonderful things she sent! The mini quilt with the three hedgehogs are so cute, I love it. And she must have been reading in my blog, because she found out about my love for buttons, and sent me some beautiful vintage ones.
And there was also some lovely variegated embroidery floss made in Croatia, that I will make good use of!
The fabric-calendar is so nice, I am going to sew on some borders and put it on the wall of my sewing-room. And she sent a postcard with a picture of her hometown and a nice note where she wrote a little about herself.
So thank you so much Simona! I love what you sent and think the stitchery is adorable:-)
I have been sewing a little too, not much, but a little to show you anyway.
I made three small bags, they were all made from the same set of stripes, but they all look different anyway.I used ricrac for oe of them, the other is a shoulder bag with a vintage needle, and on the third I made a yoyo with leaves and a vintage button.
As you can see it is cold here with lots of snow, but it makes good photos:-)