onsdag 31. mars 2010


Just a quick post to tell you about a giveaway going on over at "Adventures in Alice Land" Go over and check it out!

mandag 29. mars 2010

I'm back!

I'm sorry about my long brake from blogging!
I hve not been sewing a lot, I guess I needed a brake.
In the meantime I have been re-organizing my sewing room, buying some new storage and shelves. I am very happy with the result! It still looks a bit messy, but now the mess is in system:-)
New bookshelf, with all my books, magazines and prints from the internet... I put some things on display there as well, from different swaps
( Cat's food station stands there as well, as he lives in my sewing-room ).

My working table, and new storage for all my fabric.

And this fabrics are for a mystery-quilt I decided to make, all batiks combined with solid black.
I started sewing from them, but havent taken any pictures yet.

I recieved a gorgeous mini-quilt from the winter time mini quilt swap too, I will take pictures and make a post about that one soon...

Until next time, happy sewing!