mandag 30. november 2009

Hearts for christmas:-)

I have been sewing some hearts from scraps... I think they got really cute! I sold a couple of them on the christmas-market (will make a post about it soon), but I still have some left for christmas presents.

lørdag 28. november 2009

Only weeks left until christmas...

I am participating in a christmas-market tomorrow, and I have been sewing a lot of things for it... This basket is one of the items, and I also plan to make a few of them for christmas presents! It's hard to figure out what to give to the oldest members of the family, so I thought that I could make baskets like this for them, and fill them with things they need/like... Like chocolate, coffee, tea, jam etc...
The fabric inside the red border is Norwegian, from Sandvika veveri, and the verse is a traditional Norwegian christmas-song. I thought it was fun to fuzzy-cut the fabric and use it for something like this basket.

torsdag 26. november 2009

Bag made from 3,5" squares.

I made a bag the other day, from some Amy Butler fat quarters.
Actually, I have been cutting squares for four of these, this is the first one finished. A tutorial for this bag can be found here.
I love the shape of this, and the bag is small, but it can still hold a lot of things. Picture number two shows a detail of the back. I quilted it with a simple stipple.
The handles are not Amy Butler fabric, I used it all for the squares! But I think this fabric works out great too, it's Kaffe Fasset, and very similar to the Amy Butler's.

I'm back!

Finally I have been sewing something! I'm so sorry for not blogging the last weeks, but I just had nothing to show you... I have been ill for two weeks and has not been able to sew. But now I am so inspired, after seeing so many wonderful blogs and shops online... (there was a lot of time online for me while I was ill)
This is the first thing I want to show you, a small bag for christmas.
This is made from tiny scraps that was leftovers from this project, the triangeles are small! But it was fun sewing this, using some trims and ric rac...
This would be really nice to give away for christmas with a tea-cup, some tea and some chocolate in it. So that's what I'll do:-)

torsdag 12. november 2009

I got an award!

Thank you Katha, for loving my blog! This award warms my heart:-)

mandag 9. november 2009

A beautiful surprise!

Some days ago I went to get my mail, and there was a package for me from France! I had no idea what it was, but when I saw who had sent it, I knew that this was something great.
Claudine, who was my swap partner in the friendship bag swap, had sent me she sweetest surprise! She is the best:-)
Look at this cute little bag, and the lovely Christmas-ornament:-) I love angels, I love christmas, so this is such a thoughtful and caring present:-)
Claudine is so good at embroidery and the applique angel is so cute.
Thank you Claudine! You made my gray winter-day go bright and shiny:-) I love the gifts from you.

My mothers new "baby"!

My mother came over yesterday for some help, she wanted me to mount this santa for her!
It is knitted and then washed to shrink into shape.
I mounted all the pieces, and filled it with rice and fiber fill. Glued on eyes and beard, and put some color in cheeks and nose.
He got sooo cute, don't you think? She promised me that I might get one just like him for Christmas:-)

Friendship bag swap!

I recievd my friendship bag some weeks ago, but because of my computer problems, I have not been able to blog about it. I got this wonderful bag with two beautiful fat quarters from Tonya all the way from North Carolina in the USA.
It makes me think of spring with the nice green, white and purple colors:-)
Thank you so much Tonya!

fredag 6. november 2009

My stitchers angel presents was recieved:-)

I got a nice email yesterday from Katha in Hungary, letting me know that she finally got her parcel from me. And she liked it! Now I can relax knowing that it traveled safely and got to Hungary without problems.
I made her some things that I thought she would like, in her favorite color red. This pincushion...

...And I made her a little wallhanging for christmas, since I found out that she is loving christmas as much as I do:-)

Then there was this bag, a notebook with cover and a tissue cover. Sorry about the blurry photo! I put in some embroidery needles and a scissor for her, she makes the most amazing embroideries in cross-stitch... In this was also two chocolates, witch i did not get on the photo...

Now you may notice that there are not a lot of roses in the items, I got a litttle far from the theme for the swap, I hope it doesent matter...

And at last I made her a tea cup carrier, and put in a nice cup and some tea. Again, sorry about the bad photo...

I am so happy she liked it, I really enjoyed making these things for her:-)

torsdag 5. november 2009

Work in progress!

I know, I have been a bad blogger lately... But I have an excuse! My computer broke down... Again! The words I said when it happened do not do well in print, it was bad... Luckily we have a mini-laptop, but it's not really good to store pictures in it. But it will do for now!
I recently bought a new tool, the "eazy dresden ruler" and I love it! It makes the dresden plates become so easy to make, so I have been cutting wedges like a mad woman:-)
I see now that this is a lot of work, but I think they will turn out fine once they are done.
So here is a picture of my work in progress:
These will become pot holders for christmas, I don't know how many, but I think there will be a few pairs:) I have not decided on what type of fabric I will use for the middle yet, but I think it have to be something in red and white.
I just hope they will be finished for Christmas! I'm starting to panic a little now...