tirsdag 1. juni 2010

Some updating!

I have been so busy since I got back home, I am preparing our wedding wich is now only 11 days away. I can hardly wait! But pfheww it's a lot of work!
Here are some pictures from my trip to Tonsaasen...
This first one is the old sanatorium wich in the old days was used for rehabilitation of tuberculosis. It is now owned by Tonsaasen Rehabilitation, and used for housing some of the people that are working there. Big, scary building in my eyes;-)

This picture is from a place called "Meinset", a really beautiful cabin that we were walking too... It is a hard trip, lots and lots of uphill, but sooo worth it when you are on the top and can see the view!

...Some of the spectacular nature in Valdres:-)

The pictures does not do the nature justice, but it's a little peek of how beautiful this country is... I'm just a little sorry I was not there in the summertime, the snow limited us when it came to where to walk and so on.
I have been sewing a couple of small projects after I got back as well, and I had some nice mail coming in from far away... So I will have something to show you over the next days!

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Jamie sa...

It does look beautiful! I hope to visit Norway again someday! I was there in March a long time ago. There was A LOT of snow!