lørdag 21. mai 2011

I got mail!

I have been in a swap for a zippy purse, and today I got some lovely mail!
Francisca from The Netherlands was my swap partner, and she spoiled me:-)

This is what I got, a lovely zippered pouch, a mini zippered coin pouch and a key holder.

Thank you so so much! I love everything you sent me.

The key holder:

And the cute coin pouch:

Here is a detail of the zippered purse, she put my initial on it.

I love the fabrics Francisca used, it is so my colors and style.

I know Francisca got the zippy purse from me as well, but I forgot to take photos of it... And she does not blog, so unfortunatly I can't show you what I made. But it sounded like she liked it!

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Amber H. sa...

I love the S with the medallion around it! You were very lucky to receive this, beautiful attention to detail.