lørdag 24. mars 2012

Just testing...

I found this in all my mess when I was cleaning my sewing room.

So I had to give it a try, just to see if I could remember how to do tatting.
And I did!
It's been at least 12-14 years since I did this, and I forgot how fun it is.

Maybe I'll make some Christmas ornaments, some snowflakes for the tree or some hearts.

One more thing to do in my free time LOL:-D

2 kommentarer:

Deborah sa...

I found your blog when I was searching for pouches. I love the one you made with the 1/2 dresden. Your work is so lovely that I decided to follow your blog. I don't want to miss anything. Deborah

Annette - MyRoseValley sa...

What is tatting? Looks interesting... And very fiddly.