lørdag 21. april 2012

Table top swap - Napkins! And a wonderful pouch received.

I signed up for a swap on Flickr, arranged by Amy!

I love the swaps on Flicr, there are so many creative people in the groups, and the swap items are beautiful! I'm always nervous about the things I make, if they will be in my swap partners taste...

It's always exciting to see how my swap partner reacts to the things I send, and it's so great to receive a wonderful package in the mail!

For the table top swap I made four napkins in linen and cotton, with crochet edges.

I embroidered the same pattern on all four napkins, but in different colors.
The edges was a lot of work, but well worth the effort.

I backed the napkins with a blue cotton fabric.

I had a very happy mail day a few days ago, my pretty little pouch arrived from Germany! I love this one, I always wanted a boxy pouch, but I haven't tried to sew one yet.

Lina Sent some beautiful extras as well, nice red rick rack and super cute monster fabric!

Thank you so much, Lina!

At last, a photo of my little helper # 2, he just got his summer hair cut.
He looks sooo funny, but he loves it when all that awful fur is gone.
I have to cut his hair about once or twice a year, because he does not like to be brushed.

My little buddy!


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Timi sa...

You've made beautiful napkins! I love the crochet edges!!!
And I like the boxy pouch, too! You got nice presents! :o)