tirsdag 8. mai 2012

Another pair of socks:-)

I knitted another pair of socks, I never imagined that I would think knitting was so much fun.

These are knitted in a yarn called Jade, from Gjestal.

It's a lovely yarn to work with, a wool alpaca blend, very soft and warm. The alpaca makes it strong too, not a bad thing for socks:-)

The pattern for the socks are from Garnstudio. I love a free pattern, and on Garnstudio there are a lot of them!

I used the Norwegian version of the pattern, but I linked to the American version in this blogpost.

These socks will go straight into my box of Christmas items, I'm preparing early this year:-)

Have a nice day!

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Those are awesome and I love the pink!! thanks for linking.

Deborah sa...

Very pretty in pink!

Maria sa...

Love your PINK socks...

Timi sa...

Lovely pink socks!
I think it's never too early preparing something for Christmas...:o)

Helen sa...

Adorable and so clever to start early for xmas!