søndag 17. juni 2012

A very busy weekend!

I had a very busy weekend, with lots of things happening. Good tings!
Friday I finished this:

A detail:

I kept the quilting very simple, just straight lines on the diagonal.

The top of this quilt was made a couple of years ago, and then it got stuck in the pile of UFO's.
But I needed a gift for a family member this weekend, so it finally got finished!

Here are the recipient with his lap quilt, I think he likes it...

I also went to plant in Hennings garden this week, and I'm so happy with the result. I think it's pretty!
Nice roses and lots of candles and some cute little figures...

I have setteled with the fact that Henning is not with us, so I try to keep his garden as nice as I can. We go there very often to light candles and keep it pretty.
If you look closely, you can see the little propeller bird and the elf I put there, I love them:-) They are cheerful, and I need to have something happy in this little garden.
Henning will never be forgotten, and we are happy we had him, even if we could not have him with us. I know that some day, we will meet him again.

At last, I'll leave you with a nice little kitty picture, this is my aunt's Maine Coon, Lusi.
Such a beautiful cat, with lots of personality.
I hope your week will be good!

Thank you for reading:-)

3 kommentarer:

Deborah sa...

Your quilt is beautiful! I love the design and the colors. No wonder the recipient looks so happy!

Timi sa...

It was a busy weekend :o)! But I like the result!
Thank you for the photos!!!
Have a beautiful week!!!

Maria sa...

Your finished UFO looks great.

Henning's special place looks lovely. Sweet elf and little windmill. The roses are very pretty. He will be forever in your hearts.