torsdag 5. november 2009

Work in progress!

I know, I have been a bad blogger lately... But I have an excuse! My computer broke down... Again! The words I said when it happened do not do well in print, it was bad... Luckily we have a mini-laptop, but it's not really good to store pictures in it. But it will do for now!
I recently bought a new tool, the "eazy dresden ruler" and I love it! It makes the dresden plates become so easy to make, so I have been cutting wedges like a mad woman:-)
I see now that this is a lot of work, but I think they will turn out fine once they are done.
So here is a picture of my work in progress:
These will become pot holders for christmas, I don't know how many, but I think there will be a few pairs:) I have not decided on what type of fabric I will use for the middle yet, but I think it have to be something in red and white.
I just hope they will be finished for Christmas! I'm starting to panic a little now...

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