onsdag 10. august 2011

I have a lot to share!

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Elizabeth from Texas for my "Make Mine Modern" swap! I participated in this swap on Flickr, and she was my secret partner.

I am so lucky, she made me a lot of beautiful things and gave me lovely fabrics, and some extras, too.

She made a sewing machine mat, two adorable pincushions, a fabric basket with lovely details, and a crochet project pouch, complete with adorable scissors and crochet hooks. Everything in my favorite fabrics and colours.

The fabrics she got me are fabulous, four fat quarters and a charm pack.

Look at this, it's all so beautiful:-)

It has been a bit too long between my blogposts lately, It's summer and a lot to do:-)

We were on a holiday last week, in Trysil. We rented a cabin through my job's union, and had a great time!

The first photo is NOT the cabin we rented, but you see, I just had to take a photo of it. These cabins are not the usual standard, but there are a lot of high standard cabins in the area. I think it's a shame to even call them "cabins", because they are so big and luxurious.

Bamse sneaked in to the photo, he loved it there.

This is "our" cabin, we had a lovely time there, and I'm sure we'll rent it again next year.

I have some more to share too, but I'll leave that for another post.

Big hugs to you!

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