onsdag 17. august 2011

Doll Quilt Swap 11.

This was the most exciting swap for me ever, and I was VERY nervous when I signed up! There are sooo many talented ladies in this swap, could I make something that would be good enough for it?
All I can say is that I tried my very best, and that I hope my partner likes it!

This tiny little quilt was a real pain in my b*** to sew, I have never used the seam ripper more. But I love the way it turned out.

It measures 13.5" square, so you can imagine how tiny the half square triangles are.
There are 9 "Lady Of The Lake" blocks, all made from scraps.

I know the points in the HST's are not perfect, but it's so small that this was the best I could do. After all, this is my very first mini quilt. Ever!
I had a hard time deciding how to quilt it, but I landed on some random lines and in the ditch around the borders. I hope my partner likes it:-)

The back of the quilt.
I thought this fabric was perfect for the backing, and the binding just HAD to be red.

I sent it today, to someone far away from here;-)

4 kommentarer:

Timi sa...

This quilt is fantastic!!!
You ARE soooo talented!!!
I'm sure your partner will love it :o)!

Oddbjørg sa...

Så koselig den lille quilten ser ut. Er sikker på at mottakeren blir glad.

Unknown sa...

hei kjære navnesøster... :O)
Så moro at du vil være med på strikke/håndarbeidstreff på Jessheim. Helt opp til deg hva du vil holde på med... :O)

Ha en fin kveld!

Wendy sa...

I am in love with this quilt! Just stunning!